LT/HT and AMF Panels

AMFs fabricated out of 16/14 S.W.G.,C.R.C. 
sheet,   duly    printed    with   hard   drying 
synthetic   enamel   over   a   coat  of  metal 
primer  dust  and  vermin  prove, having  all 
components  duly  wired  with  copper wire,
Besides   Automatic Starting   &   Stopping 
of   Engine on Power failure  &  restoration 
the  AMF is capable  of scanning  the State
Electricity Board  supply  for  low  and  high 
voltage and allow the same to the consumers
on  being within a healthy band and cut offthe supply if not usable, wait and confirm
power failure or cut off, to automatically trigger. 
The  Generator, three  starting attempts are made in Case generator does not start 
in the first  attempt  while  the  starting  signal seizes on generator starting by itself,
on failure after  three  attempts  an audio visual signal is flashed. 
After  starting few seconds are allowed to build up and  on  confirmation of healthy 
voltage supply  from  generator  it  is  connected  to  the  consumers. On restoration 
and  confirmation  of  healthy  supply  from State  elect. Board confirmation is made 
for  consumer’  compatibility   before  disconnecting   generator   supply  and  while 
giving  rest   time   to   consumer   Appliances   State   electricity   boards  supply  is 
restored so as to avoid   spikes. Providing   healthy  idle   time generator is brought 
to rest automatically while the entire system is re-set to take  next  starting signal as 
and when required.

Motor Control Centres

Type MBS/MBD Motor Control Centres (MCC)  are of bolted construction  and 
designed to meet the  requirements of modern Power & Steel Plants, Refineries 
and  other  Engineering  &  Process industries.  These conform  to  IS 8623 and 
IEC 439.  Can  be  offered both   in  single  front or  double  front  execution  in 
fully drawout or non-drawout design, conforming upto IP54 degree of protection.

Busbars are designed upto 3200A rating and 50kA-fault level for 1 sec.  Higher ratings and fault levels can be offered. Vertical busbars are designed for 4 pole plug-in system to provide drawout isolation on neutral.  Frames of panel are made of formed profiles and bolted together using tool based connecting pieces, resulting in high accuracy.

Medium voltage Panel

The metal enclosed switchgear panels, the requirements of medium voltage system for indoor application as IEC 298/IS3427.
Salient Feature

1. Compact and  robust construction.
2. Easily extensible on both sides.
3. Dust protected and vermin proof.
4. Compartmentalized. 
5. Horizental drawout execution. 
6. Safe and positive interlocks.
7. Automatic safety shutters. 


1. 5F6 Type circuit Breaker upto 2500 Amp.
    3.6 to 3.3 KV, 150 MVA to 500 MVA
2. MOCB type circuit breaker upto 800 Amps.
    3.6 to 11KV, 125 MVA to 350 MVA.
3. VCB Type circuit breaker upto 1250 Amps.
    3.6 to 11KV, 150 MVA to 350 MVA.
4. BOCB type circuit breaker upto 1250 Amps.
    3.6 to 11 KV, 150 MVA to 350 MVA.